Tuesday, December 5, 2006


Well ..how is everyone's Tuesday going?? Could it be anymore boring than this ?? I mean really, People what are we to do ....Well today I worked on my computer about 1 pm til 10 pm. Went to the post office...the stupid machine would not work...then the stamp machine says sorry we are out of change...so I am like ...you stupid piece of shit! I was trying to mail off my 2yr contract...my site is going to be ran by a professional company I sure darn hope I can make money with ..Lord knows i cannot do it alone.. I am hoping this is the answer to a few prayers...not all but a few....Well last nite i was so upset..I mean sobbing my eyes out driving down the road...on my way to get chocolate chip cookies and pistachio almond ice cream. Next to chardonnay its the only thing to do ...I dont know any good drug dealers...LOL...just kidding..and I quit smoking 3 yrs ago.. Thanks no applause necessary..... well i am hoping this will be a better year...coming up ...because 2006 SUCKED ASS!! I mean my youngest son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes..still havent been able to beat it yet ...dammit! And I realized how alone in this world I truly am...This I knew in 1995 ....I guess some things just never change...We can only hope they do ..or at least fantasize and dream about it.. I love to meditate..I hope it helps my soul find it's way . Because I sure dont anymore thats for sure. I took the garbage out today ...YAY! ...I was going to go try this place called Pollo Tropical..i recall there being a place like that years ago and it left.. And here it is again...My youngest pissed me off...i told him to go with me and he said no ..if he goes his brother goes..so i said fine...no food.. we will have to eat what we have...I have no gas money to go out again..Not to mention my car is not registered since my birthday NO MONEY!!! WTF isnt money suppposed to be an illusion?? it sure does feel real though.. if anyone knows any good banks i can rob let me know ok?? haha

Well I am going to get back to work now everyone...

Huggs and Kisses ..Nina Jaymes

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