Saturday, December 2, 2006

hi fellow blogreaders:))) It's Saturday :))

Well?? I hope you all are doing better than I..haha it's been a rough few days for me. My income all but dried up ..sheesh ..i feel like such a that how you spell it? So now I am praying for a miracle to pay my rent. But anyways, let me tell ya about my day... I went on a date last nite ..he flew in from boca to hang out with me..i met him off a dating was ok but he kept feeding me so many drinks...2 glasses of chardonnay to meet him..then 3 or 4 with dinner ..then we hit blue martini and i had 3 lemon drops shots ..and another drink or two ..had to try out the blue martini drink hehe... so i was wired for sound...he stayed at a hotel suite nearby ..i had to go there couldn't drive home i was so drunk worst i have been in a long time...thought i couldnt really get drunk anymore since i drink wine almost every day at the moment STRESS you know how it anyways i tried to lay down and the room was spinning ...i spent several hours hugging the toilet bowl..then I hear my date snoring....LOL,..i thought omg i feel like shit i must get out of here... i tried laying on the bathroom floor for awhile but it just isn't like know?? so I drove home anyways i just crawled on out of there ...terrible i know but i had to get out of there...didnt want him to wake up and try to take advantage of me.. not good i drove home...oh and p.s..i had expired vehicle was my birthday 11/28 and i forgot to pay it..first time i ever forgot...well this month has been so bad work..i cant pay it right now unfortunately ..but better find the money somehow so i dont get pulled over....needless to say i got home safe and sound and went straight to puke in the toilet more..oh what fun...all the next day i am sick and nauseous...I did manage to eat dinner but made me feel ill...hmmm well see you guys tommorrow. Hopefully I have good news to report ..Oh p.s. I am signing a 2 yr contract with a company to run my site so that is definately gonna be great i hope.

love ya Nina Jaymes

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