Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ahhh! Now what happened on Wednesday?? Hmmm?

Yesterday I discovered blogging.!!! haha ..yes i know everyone ..i am a lil slow at might say i am technologically challenged....So I thought this was a really cool neat place to do some diary action right?? peer into my life a bit?? It is quite interesting i do promise...Well I just celebrated a birthday...November 28th.. good ole 34 is a sad day..for once i wish someone would just surprise me with cake and presents...LOL>... Nope didnt happen drank all my champagne and cried my eyes out. I did get one phone call though. My bestest friend Liane ..bless her heart for putting up with me for 8 yrs...haha..she loves me i know:)) I hope she knows how much i appreciate her...I dunno what happened to all the men who promised me so many lavish gifts for my birthday...stupid anyone back up their words out there besides me?? What's wrong with all you people?? hehe...No use crying over spilt milk tommorrow is a new day! ...well i do have some great news..I love to give ...I got an email from Progress Energy are electric company .. they sent me an email about donating some money every month to help those who cant pay their bill...well since reading the book A Happy Pocketfull of Money I was delighted to do so...I love to give now...wish i had more to give...all i thought was i gotta make more money so i can give more..God it feels great!... I was happy this morn i wake up and made 38 bucks off my store..hehe Now that is how u make them bucks...via sleeping right??first sale i have made..Hey this giving stuff works...You get back way more than you give...sorta like a karmic reward.. Well thats it for now i guess...I'll be posting about today later on tonite i ya all

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