Saturday, December 9, 2006


hey everyone,

It's the weekend...good for you ...bad for me...I do not know what it is like not to work on the weekends anymore...I hope that some day I can at least take Sunday's off ..whew that would be great...Well i slept in til 11 am...and watched a dumb movie on showtime as I drank my coffee....And here I sit working...doing my cam shows hehe ...If you want one ...catch me on ninajaymes2006 on yahoo ...okie dokie smokie??? Good luck everyone today ...And don't drink and drive...I did donate this year when i renewed my driver's license to Mother's Against Drunk Driving...LOL,...I am a mother and i drink and drive..haha oldest son thought that was funny...I know it's not a good idea...but we all have our moments...Interestingly enough, I read somewhere that they will be making vehicles that smell alcohol on your breath or something?? and disengages the engine so you cant drive til your sober? HMMMM I really think that is a super would have to be stuck to sleep in your car ..LOL...or get a taxi..haha but at least everyone would be safe ..that's the main thing !! even though it would I love to be home in my bed no matter what...

love you all

Nina Jaymes

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