Tuesday, December 12, 2006

here's to new friends!

Hey all,

I went out Saturday nite, sorta unexpectedly..I was actually going to take the kids for hamburgers at Johnny Rockets..but uh they had an important cartoon show to watch. So screw them. They kinda pissed me off so I took off. First I headed off to Applebee's ..I sat at the bar, the scene was booooring..nothing going on there much. I had two cranberry/vodka's and ordered some clam chowder..YUCK! was not good..not even hot. I wondered why I ever liked going there..other than the happy hour drinks 24/7 LOL. Finished that up and headed off to Chili's ..sat at the bar...seemed alot more happening. I sat down next to 2 cutie pie country boys. Anyways, had to order the presidente margarita..sorta their signature drink I guess and ate a blue cheese bacon burger...mmmm mmmm good..this is what I call punishment food. I do not normally eat or drink so much only when I am not happy being me...LOL... as a matter of fact...I primarily eat all organic vegan..very lil animal. So my new friends were quite the charmers...However, I told them i was looking for GIRL friends..haha but i'll hang out with them sometime u know?? So well today I mailed off all my content (pics and videos) and soon we will be rockin and rollin' with the new site www.ninajaymes.com. Well my ad on craigslist has produced a few replies..will have to meet up with them girls soon. Well thats all for now folks..the rest is just errands and chores and boring stuff...oh one more thing..i put an I LOVE YOU note in my son's lunch box today..i thought he might smile.. but he was pissed and told me to NEVER do that again..haha he is 10 years old btw...I just want my kids to feel love that i never have. I want them to know i am here for them. I never had that.
Well Peace out!

love Nina Jaymes


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