Thursday, December 28, 2006


>>the 1st step in eating a peach is running my hands over the silky skin. i
>>like to feel every little bump and crevice. Feeling the soft little hairs
>>on the skin as i lightly rub my fingers on it.Feeling how the flesh gives
>>when i press into it. I allow my fingers to roam over the skin, lightly
>>feeling the hard knob at the very top, making sure to rub my fingers over
>>the "stem" as i follow it down to the crevice.I enjoy the smooth feeling
>>of the stem as it gets deeper into the slit. Exploring how the flesh
>>presses into the stem.I notice how much pressure on the soft spongy flesh
>>is needed to release some of the sweet nectar. I scoop up the juices with
>>my finger and bring it to my mouth. Touching the finger to the lips, i let
>>the juices roll onto my tongue. I taste the tangy nectar as it coats my
>>tongue. Savoring every drop of the sweet nectar as i lick my finger clean,
>>i watch the juices spill down the soft skin and my mouth waters for more.
>>Watching the liquid pool on the into a drop at the base i quickly grab the
>>fruit and bring it to my mouth and i moan as i taste the succulent flavor
>>of the nectar. I slowly glide my tongue up the soft skin, licking the
>>juices that have been released from the moist inner depths. I lick my way
>>up the crevice to the nub on top. Flicking my tongue onto the hard little
>>nub i move back down into the crevice and let my tongue languish in the
>>silky texture of the wet skin. Very slowly i use my tongue to pierce the
>>skin gettin to the soft moist flesh under it. As i do, the juices squirt
>>our onto my tongue faster than i can control rolling down my chin. I press
>>my tongue in deeper, sucking the flowing liquids out as fast as possible,
>>using my tongue the lick the juices out of the mosit flesh as deep as i
>>can go.Pressing my hardened tongue deeper into the flesh curling and
>>lapping out the juices as they flow from inner depths. Feeling the skins
>>fur rasping against my lips i suck the neverending flow of juices, trying
>>to find the very center of delicacy.I gently pry apart the skin with teeth
>>and fingers. My mouth start to water as more juices flow from the inner
>>depths, i attack it sliding my tongue into the deep untouched depths. I
>>moan in pleasure as i finally run my tongue over the very center. Sucking
>>and nibbling i finish the feast..making sure i eat every last piece and
>>then pull away looking in the mirror i smile seeing the juices from the
>>delicate morsel all over my face and chin

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