Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Guiding Light for the Year Ahead

As you go through the days of the year ahead,
busy with all the responsibilities the world has
placed upon you, remember to keep the truly
special things in mind.

Keep things in perspective: Work, play, learning,
living. Have happiness as a part of your priorities!
Be creative and aware and wonderfully alive. And
always remember where to find your smile.

New journeys await you in the coming year.
Decisions lie ahead, wondering what you will do,
where you will go, how you will choose when the
choices are yours. Work for the ability to choose
wisely, to prosper, to succeed. Let the roads
that you travel take you to beautiful places,
and have the faith it takes to achieve and aspire.

I hope your tomorrows take you to the summit
of your goals, and your joys take you even higher.
- by Douglas Pagels

Wishing You a New Year Filled with Happiness

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