Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I am grateful for me. There is so much to discover about life, and about myself. I am excited about the great adventures of harnessing the forces of the Universe and releasing the Divine Potential of mankind. It is the greatest show on earth, and I wouldn't miss it for the world.
I am grateful for the ability to give thanks, to see the good in people and the transcendent implication of all things. As Shakespeare puts it, " To find toungues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in the stones, and good in everything."
I am grateful for every mistake I have made, for every mis-cue or bad decision has added to my knowledge of myself and my understanding of other people. And I am grateful to know that in Truth there are no mistakes, for every experience is part of the process of my unfoldment. I name them good....and walk on.
I am grateful for all my seeming failures. Through all the apparent dead-end streets and goals not reached, I have learned humility, and a deeper understanding of others and how I can help them. I know that the only failure is never to have tried, or to give up in the face of temporary reverses. I take the good and leave the rest in all experiences....and confidently walk on.
I am grateful for fleeting feelings of inferiority, for I know that they have been a driving force in my life. Sometimes these feelings have been almost beyond my ability to bear. But I am grateful that, whenever I feel insufficient, I am driven to work a little harder, to dig a little deeper, to keep on a little longer. And I pray that I may know that these feelings of inferiority have nothing to do with my real potential, but everything to do with the reach of my soul.
I am grateful for the deep longing that I feel within myself, though I rarely know what it is that I am longing for. Even though it keeps me restless and hungry and discontent, I know it is a Divine Discontent. I know that it is this longing that keeps me going in my quest for Truth. And...
I am grateful for that fleeting glimpse, in times of prayer, of the person I can be. And I commit myself to acknowledge that which my heart instinctively knows: this person I can be is really the person I now am.

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