Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A look into the mind of a junior pharmacist:)

when I was working in the city I met a kid who was in pharmacy school, we talked and here is what he said to me.Yaaa mann, i'm gonna be a pharmacists technician, he said.why do you want to sell pills I asked him.he replied: mann, all these dumb fat stuuupid wedda's (slang for whites), they are sooooo stuuupedo man, they are fat and they ARE SOOO STUPEEEDO, they do not know food is medicine and they buy all these pills that kill them because they are soooo stuuupedo, then he laughed.why do you want to poison and kill fat wedda's, I asked him.he said: because, with a pharmacy technicians degree I can keeeeelll (kill) these stupeeedo and fat wedda's with pills because the wedda's do not know how to eat or keep themselves healthy with food and natural medicine, they are soooo stuuuupeeeedoo and dumb they buy pills from the pharmacist, and he doubled over laughing.what do you eat if you get sick I asked him.he said, my grandmother makes us leaf teas and we know what foods to eat and not to eat and we wrap certain leaves around an injured area, and it is all for free, from nature. but the wedda's, they are sooo dumb and stuuupppeedo, they do not know nothing and they eat pills that keeeelll (kill) them. Then he added: man, being a pharmacy technician is better then gangbanging as you get to "legally kill the stupid" wedda's and he laughed hysterically.just thought I would share this insightful chat I had with a pharmacy clerk that will soon be peddling poison pills, misinformation and disinformation to the miseducated in your area.I had a similar conversation years prior with a russian pharmacist who said he and his 5 uncles all "got pharmacy degrees and opened pharmacies in italian areas so that they could "kill" (poison) the italian kids, "jungle kids" is what he called italians, and poison them with pills and carcinogenic dyes and sugar called sodie pop" sold at the pharmacies he and his 5 uncles owned and ran. I asked this pharmacist, who was also an atty for a state pharmacutical board, why did he want to poison italians and his answer was, because they are violent stupid jungle kids/animals that attacked him every week when he went to hebrew lessons after school. sadMotives are easy to see and discern if you simply ask people who they are and why they do what they do, often if you let them talk long enough others will just tell you who they are. politicians and experienced liars are different, they learned to keep thier mouths shut from experience and to keep thier ulterior motives and murderous agendas quiet, politicians learned to keep quiet about thier ulterior motives by experiencing others reactions to what came out thier mouths when they spoke of thier real motives, they learned if they spoke thier real ulterior motives, intentions, people reacted badly to them. so they keep quiet about thier real motives.. or lie about them.the wisdom of a to hide itselfwhat better way to hide poisonings and murder then behind a 'we care con' front? More people have been murdered in 'we care cons', well poisonings and food poisoning and we care poisoners cons, then in all world wars combined.

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