Saturday, May 12, 2007


I had first watched The Secret in October of 2006, A very difficult time in my life. My son was just in the hospital for a chronic disease one month prior. As I watched The Secret, I had realized that I had been using the principles intermittenly throughout my life, but never sticking with it. I would teeter back and forth between feeling negative and doubtful to feeling like anything was possible.
I have always wanted to buy a home and be a real estate investor since before I was old enough to buy one. I tried several times, but after short attemps of hearing "NO" I would just give up and not follow through.
My rental lease expired in October and I knew I really didnt have much time as I had to sign another lease and the 60 day written notice time had expired. So this time instead of signing a 12- month lease. I said to my children, We are buying a house April 30 when this lease expires. For the first time ever I only signed a 7-month lease. And told the Universe it is time to buy a house and I will accept nothing less.
I did a trial run and applied for mortgages, all of them saying that sure! yes you are more than qualified, no problem they told me when I was to get closer to the lease expiration give them a call back. So I waited til March to call again.
To much of my dismay I was turned down from every mortgage company I could possibly think of. I was extremely disappointed and distraught. Just months earlier they all were in it to win it. They said if I had applied 2 weeks before I would have been able to get a mortgage. But in light of the new recent guideline changes regarding mortgages and all the foreclosures and market downturn, they were all tightening their belts. I am self employed by the way. So I said to myself. Boohoo but I am not stopping I will get a mortgage. I will buy a house ..I will have one before the lease expires. Finally I did find a company who said YES!! It was rough going as I had some outstanding debt to income ratio was a bit high ..and they said i would have to do a lil maneuvering..get rid of my car loan etc ...etc.. Everything they asked me to do couldn't have gone more one time the loan officer asked me how i had gotten a CPA letter i needed so quickly, I didnt even have an accountant..I informed him that it was MAGIC...haha ..
Anyways, I had many experiences such as these regarding buying a home.
They told me I would need to put $500 down as Good Faith. And about $350 for the real estate appraisal. I was concerned as I really didnt have it.. I had no money to buy a house. But I had faith. I got to talking with someone from the internet I had chatted to a few times prior. I mentioned this to him and he told me ..I will give you the money! I will send the money to you, money order, express.
I really didn't believe he would. As I barely knew the man..not even knowing where he lived. I did receive the money indeed! $850 bucks...He told me a few days later that it was like Karma. He had been saving some bills in an envelope for a Rainy Day. No reason in particular just fun money.. When he went to get it ..he had exactly the amount I needed more no less, I had chills... I said to him, " You were saving that money for me and you didn't even know it" He just wanted me to get the home I wanted so badly without any obstacles.
.I signed for my new home on April 26, 2007 not skipping a beat...with 4 days left to go in the month. I had NO other plan than to buy a house. I wouldnt even consider any other possibilities. And it happened for me ...I closed and only had to bring a check of $954.64.
I now joke I bought a house for $954.64.

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