Sunday, March 4, 2007



Regardless of the way it begins or the way it ends,
today is important.
Whether it's a bright blue day or a dull grey day,
whether it's a soaring day or a crawling day,
whether everything goes wonderfully right or horribly wrong,
today is important.

All your yesterdays are behind you, never to return.
None of your tomorrows are guaranteed - not even one.
All you have and all you will ever truly have - is today.

We cast many reflections on the waters of our life.
Some good, others not so good.
Some make us laugh, others make us cry.
The vision you see in the waters today,
is a reflection of who you were - yesterday.
All you do, all you say
and all you think today is important.
It will determine the reflection you see i
n the waters of your life tomorrow,
if you are blessed with a tomorrow.

Hold this day tenderly.
Treat it respectfully.
Today is one more chance to diminish
the darkness in this world with the presence,
the light of the Lord that resides in your soul.

I have one life, one voice.
You have one life, one voice.
And we have one day
to make good use of them.

Today is important.

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